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 Glenn Kitson is fashion editor and co-founder of The Rig Out, a magazine and video series. After studying fashion communication he began collaborating with Manchester- based store Oi Polloi, before launching The Rig Out. He is also a stylist and has consulted for brands including UVU, Penfield and Rohan. 

(This piece was featured in our AW15 magazine - january 2015)
Can you tell us a bit about yourself?

I’m a father of two girls who likes jackets. A lot. I like jackets; the girls I can take them or leave them at the moment. I come from Bolton, a town in Greater Manchester. People from Manchester laugh at us because we are from the hills. 

What is the idea behind The Rig Out and what makes it different from other magazines out there?

We are incredibly bad at making a magazine on time, but do very well at making good photographs. There really isn’t any purpose to The Rig Out. We just want to make great images and films and tell stories about stuff we are interested in. The market is filled with bland dry bullshit about taste. I’m not sure we fill the gap between that, but we give it a go. To be honest we just want to make photographs and films. Guys shouldn’t be talking about style or clothes anyway; it’s wrong. 

How would you define your personal style?

Yoga Scally.

What trends do you forecast for the upcoming seasons?

I honestly have no idea; I am just into the same thing. If I could predict fashion trends I would be extremely rich. 

How do you see the future of menswear?

More of the same.

What does a brand need to do to earn your respect or surprise you?

I like outsider brands at the moment; I like the idea of appropriation. Taking stuff that shouldn’t work and making it work. Birkenstock used to do that before they became popular again.

How has the fashion market changed since you started working?

It’s not changed. People change; the market remains the same. I think that’s a Led Zeppelin quote. 

Any tips for upcoming brands looking to survive in the fashion business?

I think it’s very saturated at the moment. New brands have to have amazing product and an extremely strong brand identity. Having lots of money also helps. 

What will you do next?

I want to continue making films, telling subcultural stories. The pay-off for working with brands is being creative. I just want to carry on making stuff. 

Could you give us your 2 or 3 must-go places in Paris, New York and Tokyo?

Disneyland Paris: perfect for when you have kids. 

East Village in New York: the last proper neighborhood in Manhattan before the whole place becomes filled with new yuppies. 

T-Site in Tokyo: the best retail experience in the world. 


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