Dear All,

Just a few days ago, we finished a small MAN/WOMAN show in collaboration with Première Classe. One month before, we had a great show in Copenhagen.

Our brands had a successful show, opening new doors and offering new opportunities, but most importantly, they proved that in these unpredictable times, they’re adaptable, vibrant and prepared for the seasons ahead.

Our visitors were also pleased to see the return of MAN/WOMAN, after this long-period of challenges to personal and in-person business. We are all happy to be back with an energized team, fresh ideas, and renewed optimism.

We’re happy to announce the full return or, maybe better put, the rebirth of MAN/WOMAN shows starting this January for AW22 in Paris and New York City.

A few months ago we decided to streamline the shows in Paris and NYC after this « break » of 18 or so months. The strategy is to more deliberately focus the selection of the brands, but also to pay more attention to the feedback from our visitors, without whom our shows wouldn’t exist.

This coming season is also a special one, as we will be celebrating the 10 year anniversary of MAN/WOMAN. We hope you will be there to celebrate with us. Stay tuned for more news on when and where soon.

Thank you so much for your continued participation and support.

See you all soon, 

If you want to be part of our AW22 season,  exhibit with us, visit the shows or partner with us, visit this page.