5 favorite denim pieces By Arthur Leclercq (Superstitch)

When you talk about denim, hard to find a more enthusiastic than Arthur. Founder of Superstitch workshop, he lends its cachet back to denim pieces by repairing, hemming and a lot of things in -ing around it. Surrounded by a dozen of original imported machines he gathered and repaired himself, he reworks denim like it was done in the golden age in America. He even succeeded in creating its own pair of jeans exactly made like its favorite 501 Levi’s from the 70s few months ago.

We asked him to materialize his passion for denim in five favorite pieces. Here is the short list.

Button Down Shirt - Orslow

I think this shirt has the perfect balance in terms of quality and volume. It is dying perfectly around stitches, the collar size is coherent with the original vintage pieces. It fits particularly well with a US chino, fatigue pants or military pants cut as shorts.

Bucket Hat - Orslow

Same spirit than the shirt.

The making is pretty nice, and the denim is even more beautiful when it ages.

Warehouse pleated jacket 1PCKT T-Back

A faithful repro of Levi’s pleated jacket from the 40s.
The T-Back is the vertical stitch in the back that Levi’s used to make for large sizes pieces, as fabric stripes were not large enough to cover the whole back of a large size.

Anatomica Western shirt

I like it so much for its crispy denim, its thick threads, and the changing spaces between the different areas of the shirt. Icing on the cake : the snap buttons are made in an unique extraordinary quality.

SuperStich LR-01

Very special to my heart as it is my jeans 🙂
If I have to sum it up, I’d say a regular high waist cut, inspired by 70s 501. The making is faithful to 501 from 72 to 74.
The upper part is made to fit above the hips without gaping, so you can rock it belt free. The denim is made in an incredible 14oz shrink to fit who ages very well.