The human-scale fashion trade show.
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MAN and WOMAN shows are dedicated to building a well-edited community of brands from around the globe, each with their own unique identity and determined purpose; all together offering an unparalleled industry perspective.
MAN / WOMAN have developed and built a trusted platform between brands, buyers and retailers, solidifying bridges between the three different markets. The strength is in their tasteful curation of brands, creating a strong image the team is proud of. Each stop is unique as each city has its own energy creating a distinctive show, new relationships and new experiences every time.

Now entering their tenth season, MAN and WOMAN remain devoted to offering their brands a welcomed introduction to the right, cultivated buyers as well as press, from large scale department stores to independent, off the beaten path boutiques.

MAN and WOMAN are first and foremost a place to build business and make connections but not with the intention of becoming a big machine. They have become a powerhouse by staying true to their motto: creating tasteful brand selection. From the humble introduction of MAN in January 2012 and WOMAN in October 2012, the shows welcomed an array of key media such as The New York Times, WWD and COMPLEX who have been avid fans and supporters of the shows since day one.


Antoine Floch

Founder & Co-Director

Olivier Migda

Founder & Co-Director

Joëlle Ahoua

Event Manager & Accounting Executive

Léna Daniel

Communication Manager

Kevin Duong

General Manager

Matthieu Rohm

Sales & Organisation

Xavier Sallustrau

Art Director